Days 12 to 20 of #100Days

Day 12: More cards for my mom’s gift, on the left. There are handmade envelopes behind the cards. The butterfly cutouts were made with a die.
On the right are some mini envelopes made with a new die that came in the mail today. I love happy mail! Those are for another project where I’m making sets of ephemera with different themes.

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100 Days of Shenanigans

I need to get my butt in gear, so I decided that joining some challenges might help. Lately I’ve been dragging my ass about working on my art and writing, and I really want to get things launched. I let anxiety paralyze me too much, for too long, and financial fears can be helped by getting things out there. Build your assets, I reminded myself. Income streams, you know.

I first joined iATCs You’re So Fancy challenge, where we have to complete 5 images this week, so long as they’re detailed. Apparently these pass muster on the ‘fancy’ tag.

Then a friend was posting on Facebook about doing a 100 days challenge to make her things. Like the silly fool I am, I decided to push myself further. So I am going to try to do 100 Day of Arting–any kind or size of art, so long as I do it every day. So here are rough scans of images I’ve done for my next colouring book, Whimsical Cats vol. 2.

The first is a steampunk flying cat surrounded by hot air balloons over farmland.

The second is a trio of kittens attacking a teddy bear. In cold blood. LOL

The third is a kitty on a pier pawing at a fish. Those barnacles took a while to doodle in. Whew! But that post on the left is really crooked. Good thing no one’s really counting on it to hold up.

Anyhow, that’s the first 3 of 100. I started September 10th, 2018, and should be done before the end of the year. I’ll try to remember to update them on my blog here every few days so I have a personal record.



Edit 1: Here’s Thing 4, which is 4/100 days and 4 of the 5 fancy arts for iATCs… Drawing the roses was fun. I think maybe the cat needs some markings for interest, though. I’m not fond of the butterfly. Maybe I’ll redo that and paste it into the finished image after I clean it up. Meh.

Edit 2: And here is Thing 5, a mercat fishing with a branch and string, because of course she would do it that way. Duh. I’m not crazy about the water and feel like it needs some work. Maybe some clouds in the sky, but the rest is good for now, I think. I’m fond of doodly borders, even partial borders, as you can see. This is my final entry for the You’re so Fancy challenge! And 13/25 for the colouring book.

Edit 3: Day 6–I stamped a bajillion images for on stocking stuffers I’m making for my Etsy shop! I also cut most of them out and sorted them into themed packets so I can work on them more easily. I have a bunch of the bases ready to go too, just no finished products in hand yet.





Day 7: Stargazing, for the colouring book. This is 14/25 on that project.
I’m liking that I don’t have to do the colouring pages each day, but it is definitely a good push toward getting the book done! I might try to do some pencil sketches today so that days when I’m not feeling like drawing something new, I can just ink up one of those. We’ll see. I’m losing steam today because of physical crunchiness and allergies, but I do have coffee on hand. Sadly, the grocery store and Bulk Barn I was at last night had no pumpkin spice to buy, or I’d be adding it to the coffee. It satisfies my craving well enough that way.

8/100:  This is my mom’s bday gift so far. It’s a folder (4 pockets and an extra pocket between the folders) with handmade cards and envelopes. It ties shut with seam binding. The base is kraft cardstock, with designer paper on the front and back, and along the tops of the pockets.

I’m going to do some different holidays, but her bday’s in November so Christmas/winter first. I want to decorate the front a bit more still.


The cards you see are accented with cut out portions from pretty dies I have. The left is deer in a forest, and the right is evergreens in a circle with paper behind. I really like these two designs a lot. I’m not sure what the next ones will be yet, but I do have some pretty butterfly dies coming, which do cut outs of this sort. I might wait for those before doing the next set, if they arrive before the potential postal strike (insert large sad face here if that happens!).

Days 10 and 11! These bring the colouring book count to 16. Yay! I just totally had to do a photo bomb. In the actual image you can see the front cat’s eyes and part of the nose. lol






For the toboggan picture, I hate the snowflakes under the writing so I’m going to delete them when I do a proper scan and cleanup.


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I won!

Today I got my prize pack in the mail from Deborah Blake, in celebration of her upcoming Cat Magic book! Look at all the fun she jammed into the envelope!

There’s a Witch’s colouring book, a notebook, a broom pen, a stuffed cat, lots of bookmarks, a rubber ducky that’s a calico cat (currently residing on my Bast shrine, because rubber duckies are our thing), and a copy of the cover of Everyday Magic, which I will probably make into another notebook. So cool!

What am I working on now?

So glad you asked! I haven’t made it to the thrift store yet to look for something suitable to cover the spines on the traveling Books of Shadows I’m making, so I’m piddling about with little extras inspired by various YouTube crafters. Currently I’m doing some tag page markers and little goodies like that. I’ll show them off when I have things done. 🙂

In Facebook I’ve been making a concerted effort to share stories of kindness and positivity, because I don’t know about you, but I know I need it.

I’m also forging ahead on my second volume of the Whimsical Cats colouring book in between all the rest. I find I really need to change up what I’m doing frequently to keep my sanity, but to focus on one project of each type so I don’t get completely sidetracked.

I’ve also been doing fairly steady editing jobs, which I’m enjoying a lot. I get to fix things! And that feels pretty good. 🙂

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Lady of Self Blessing

I’ve been a bit behind on watching the current Women Unleashed sessions, but I knew I should push myself to do it before they expire. I always find something helpful to my progress in understanding myself. It’s been a slog for me again, having had to deal with some personal truths and the need for time to rest and heal. It’s been difficult to process and accept. But it’s where I’m at.

Self Blessing WIP1It shouldn’t be surprising that Shiloh Sophia’s session where we created our Lady of Self Blessing is just what I needed right now. To accept that I’m worthy of blessings bestowed upon myself is even harder than to accept blessings from others. So I am sitting with this piece and letting it develop as it will. The most was done as I watched the video and after while I listened to another both last night, and then today I worked in the inked lines. There’s a lot more to do, I feel, but it will come as it will.

Self Blessing WIP2I really like her expression and the tilt of her face. She includes all the four elements: fire hair and lion ears (the lion is a personal totem as well); water chalice at the heart; air wings because I can fly when I don’t drag myself down; and the roses are earthly beauty and grounding. I’m planning to decorate her with Mendhi patterns, maybe as a garment.

I folded the sides in so she can stand up or be folded for safe keeping and then presented when I feel the need for the sacred self, but I’m leaning toward cutting down the sides to follow the wing shapes. Because I can, and it’s interesting. But I don’t want to do that yet until I’m sure I’m done with the shapes around the head.

The spiral at her throat is for speaking my truth, and the semi colon is because I will go on–I have more to say and I’m not done yet.  The photo isn’t the best angle, but that’s okay. I’ll take another when I’m done to show her off. 🙂

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Inking at Albert’s

It’s stinkin’ hot today, but Daniela dragged me down to Albert’s, a Jamaican restaurant at the end of the street. She wanted to use their wifi to update her phone, and I took the opportunity to work on inking the sketches I’ve started for Whimsical Cats vol 2.

I had the jerk chicken salad, which was great, and we both had an Irish moss to drink. Their rum cake is… very rummy. Very. LOL

In any case, I did manage to ink up 8 of the pages I had brought, so that’s about a third of the book done! I’m happy with that progress. I need to do up more sketches to take to one of my usual haunts to push this forward more while I have some momentum. 🙂 I really like how it’s all coming out so far.

I’m using Micron pens, if anyone is curious about my tools.

I don’t have any pictures of me working on art, so I got Daniela to snap a couple while we were there. Check out my new glasses, eh. I’m not fond of them, but it really helped me see what I was doing, so I’m not going to complain I guess. I’ll have to get her to take more so that I can find some photos I like for OFFICIAL USE. Ha.

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Shake Shake Shake

Shaker cards of foxes, Canada, and narwhalsI’ve been collecting stamp and die sets, and lately mostly just sharing these with a friend of my mom’s, who likes to make cards. Just because. The last couple days I just wanted to make something, so I tried these out for myself to use. I also tried out my alcohol markers, which are fun but very different from my usual media. I don’t seem to have a blender, so the shading was really a different style than how I normally do things. Nevertheless, I love how these came out.

I just used trading card sleeves with the sequins and beads inserted in front of the card, some of which I stuck to the back to make it look a little sparkly even when it all falls to the bottom. I started off sealing them with a Fuse tool, but I didn’t like how it was coming out so I used some washi instead. Did my best to match with the supplies on hand.

I reserved one of the Canada moose cards to put on the front of my collector book for the cards I’ve swapped with others.

Hopefully from now the stress has passed enough to be able to get more art done. That would be nice. I have lessons and art journal classes piled up I really want to get to.

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Makers’ Planner Now Available

IceKat's Makers' Planner 2019Finally! After some back and forth with CreateSpace, the IceKat’s Makers’ Planner 2019 is now available on Amazon. Whew!

To the left is the Canadian version, amusingly marketed to me by email. LOL Because I maybe wasn’t aware of all the work I put into it to get it ready for sale. Silly me.

Description: Let’s face it, creative people aren’t necessarily known for their organizational skills. IceKat’s got your back with a planner designed just for makers. Whatever you create, you’ll find helpful pages for:
*Monthly and Weekly Planning for 2019
*Weekly Spreads With Space for Daily Writing
*Project Organization
*Recording Your Accomplishments
*Social Media Accounts & Planning
*Vendor Contacts
*Task Tracking
*Event Application & Logging
*Ideas, Notes & More
Get it together all in one place and plan for your best, most successful year yet, whatever it is you make! This planner is 5.5″ x 8.5″ and has a ‘perfect bound’ spine. Includes instructions for coil binding it yourself if you prefer. Interior is black and white–decorate it to suit your style!

You can get it for US here.
You can get it for Canada here.
You can get it for the UK here.

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More Paperclips

March 2018 paperclipsMarch’s paperclip theme is pets. I made little watercolour portraits of my cats Parsa and Pixie. I’m thinking I might make my other kitties so that I have my whole posse to poke out the top of my planner. <3

They have purple iridescent paper on the back, because purple.

Pixie is the only one of my cats that wears a collar. It’s pink and says Little Trooper, with Storm Trooper helmets. She got it for Christmas this past year.

April’s theme is flowers.


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#12PaperClipsOf2018 Challenge

Jan Paperclips Making MagicWe’re supposed to do our clips around the month that the prompt is for, otherwise I’m sure I’d be mostly done the year’s worth by now! In any case, January’s prompt was to use your word of the year. Mine is Magic. I wanted to try making banner clips, which go on the side of your paper rather than the top. I like how these came out, a lot!

The kitty shapes are from a die I got on Aliexpress, which I then outlined with gold gel pen. The red dots are bling I picked up at the dollar store around Christmas, also outlined with gold gel pen.


Feb Paperclips Kimono GirlsSkidding in at the end of the month with my February paper clips! Full disclosure, I got the idea from a die I saw on Aliexpress, but I don’t have the die, so I drew/painted my own kimono girls and added hearts in their hands. 

I’ll just continue to add my new clips in batches to this blog, not to this particular post, since it’s not a short challenge.

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Halloween was so much fun, I decided to join the Gypsy Witch Diaries December BOS challenge. I’ve actually also got Molly Roberts’s 12 Ghosts challenge at the same time, so hopefully I can keep up!

The first theme is Light in the Darkness. I wrote about the Great Ice Storm from a few years ago, and how we lost all heat and power, and Phrixy and I got REALLY sick with bronchitis. Never have I been so grateful to have those things, and medicine, as when Mom took us to her place for Christmas for a couple days. When we got home the power was back on, but we’d lost all the food we’d just bought from the fridge being dead. A big tree split nearly in half out front of our building. It’s still alive but I think about it whenever I see it.

The ice storm really put winter into perspective for me, and I’m grateful for modern conveniences that keep us alive in the depths of the cold.

Rebirth of the SunRebirth of the Light: My page for day 2 comes from a couple places. Our temple has a tradition of drumming up the sun after holding a vigil during the longest night. Some of us go to a local beach, make a little fire, and sing, drum, tell stories. But also, our belief that the sun will return after the longest night is important because it extends to the idea that even after our darkest times the light can return to our lives as well. The light will come back, and it will increase. Things will grow brighter. <3

Day 3 gift givingDay 3: Gift Giving.

I love gifts. I love finding the perfect thing. I love making gifts for others. I love surprises, no matter how big or small.

I have a new appreciation for the concept of abundance, and how it can exist even in poor conditions. The spirit of generosity can bloom just from giving what you can, and having faith that what you give will return to you threefold, and that the universe will provide. You just need to ask for what you need, and what you want, with an openness of heart.

Day 4 evergreenDay 4: Evergreen, Life Everlasting

I don’t like to cut trees and flowers generally, unless for more than just decorative reasons. But I remember the smell of cold and pine when we brought the tree into the house as a kid, and that felt like Christmas was really coming. The tree, once it was up and decorated and lit, was something made completely of magic back then. It was a promise that Santa was coming.

Nowadays, I sort of see the tree (real or fake) as a sort of altar, with icons and lights, and the gifts beneath are offerings to the ones we love.

Day 5 wreathDay 5: Wreaths

I’m all for the whole circle symbolism of life-death-rebirth, but I have to confess that I’m generally not into decorating with wreaths. My mom, she’s a master of wreaths (or used to be, at her old house). It’s just not my thing. I decorate my door with banners and signs, most often. My “Believe” sign is up almost constantly.

But with this page, I’m done the challenge for December’s BOS pages. I’m thinking I might do something about the Yule goat on the other side of the wreath page, just so it’s complete and can be put into my book.

That’s it. That’s all!

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