Peacock Altered Book

Peacock book coverThis one took a while of puttering at it before it was done. Even with a generous number of pages removed, it’s still a bit bulky once I added flaps and such. This one has a real peacock feather on the front, glitter, and a wooden piece that says Dream painted gold. There is lace on the spine, and it’s signed on the back. The glitter shouldn’t shed too badly, as I’ve added layers of clear spray over top (no guarantees, though!).


Peacock book inside cover with pocket and envelope.

Peacock book inside cover with pocket and envelope.

29 double sided pages inside have purples and greens, with more peacock feathers and pretty details. Some papers and tags have fold foil or purple foil. Lots of pockets and flaps add interest. Among the matching tags are a lilac envelope and a little booklet. I used a variety of papers in this project, both open stock and from different stacks. The book is about 5.5 x 8.5 ” with about a one inch spine.

This will be available on Etsy. I’m planning to video a flip through to show off all the pages and tags.


Peacock book inside cover back

Peacock book inside cover back

This book would make a great journal, album for an exotic theme, book of spells/grimoire, etc. I personally think it’s beautiful, as peacock feathers are one of my favourite things. Giving one up from my collection (not to mention all the papers) was really difficult! But the result is worth it, and I am happy when I flip through this book to admire the pages. I can imagine using it myself.

Peacock book full cover

Peacock book full cover

Peacock book pages with tuck space and tags on right.

Peacock book pages with tuck space and tags on right.

Peacock book pages 3

Peacock book pages with pocket on left, including mini booklet and foil tag.

Peacock book pages 2

Peacock book pages with roses side flap.

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Doctor Who Traveler’s Notebook

TARDIS TN front Space Insert TARDIS TN interior IMG_0296So this is my latest pretty thing! I love it! I’ve been wanting to take on a galaxy painting, and I am so proud of how it came out. 🙂 This is my Doctor Who inspired Traveler’s Notebook/Midori style notebook cover with matching insert. It takes “cahier” sized inserts (8.25 x 5.5″). This one has been painted on the front cover to go with the theme. There is a shaker card attached to the inside cover, visible in the third photo on the left side, which has my rendition of the TARDIS in “Starry Night.” You can see a closeup of the shaker card in the fourth photo.

The spine has 4 elastic strings to hold, like, a bajillion inserts if you want. Finally, the elastic closure has a TARDIS dangle, which is a little weeny bit wavy on one corner, but that was space-damage, I hear. This is made from an upcycled book cover, so forgive any minor imperfections. There’s a photo of the full open cover at the very bottom. 

Support me and my dying air conditioner! Check out my Etsy shop and maybe buy something for yourself or a loved one?

Yes, I’m willing to make more. No, I can’t guarantee it’ll be identical.

TARDIS TN full cover

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Another Deco Book and Traveler’s Notebook

Memento Mori decoMemento Mori is for another TF Balding deco. LOL I think I have a whole stack of her books here still! Fun themes, though. 🙂 The idea for this one came from a tattoo on a show, and after I drew my own version, I realized the cover of her book was similar. that’s okay… I clearly need to practice drawing realistic skulls, especially if I’m getting back into tattoos.

Speaking of which, I’m getting back into tattoos! Go take a peek at my Tattoos page to see the pictures I dug out of the depths of my hard drive. 🙂 None of them is recent, but I’ll post more when I’ve got some. I’m going to practice on myself before subjecting any victims clients to my needle…

My TN coverSo I’ve started mucking about with altered books. And traveler’s notebooks. This is what happens when those two things get together and have a baby: my altered book traveler’s notebook! The cover is hollowed out of pages, and I covered the interior with tea dyed papers ripped up and applied. The exterior is purple mottled with silver with a black area inset just a smidge. On that is a bat embellishment I got at Michaels, and metal corner bits. The elastic closure has a metal dangle that says Believe.

This book holds cahier sized inserts. I’ve got one in there, along with a Michaels notebook, a little datebook, and a folded over trading card holder for tucking odds and ends into. I’m going to make myself a nice dashboard and pocket folder later.

I only had thin elastic this time around so I doubled it, but now I have some nice 2mm stuff in black, white, and rainbow, so my next ones will be super awesome! The holes have eyelets in them to protect the book spine from wear. And now I’m hunting old books to make into more of these, because I really like the hardcover finish rather than the floppy kind. That said, I’m still going to mess with making some fabric ones. Because I can.

My TN inside

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Harajuku and Goth Decos

Harajuku and Candy and Goth decos for TFBaldingMore of TF Balding’s decos… Harajuku girls with candy, and Goth.

Having an unfocused day of poking at this and that, not feeling very anything. Meh. At least my pile of decos to sign is down two more, since Tanya warned me she sent me two packages this month! 0.0

I only have 2 images done for the fantasy colouring book so far, still. I really do need to get on top of that, so I’ll have lots ready to go for gifting season. I’m just feeling a bit burnt out right now.  I spent a while making wee envelopes last night, thinking I might make up packets for BoS classes.

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The Gang’s all Here!

I placed an order for some of each of my books (so far), and they arrived the other day! It’s so exciting to hold them in my hands and see them as real instead of a stack of papers and computer files. So far there are two colouring books (left), the Spring Fae journal, two colouring books & journal combos, and then the Lord & Lady journal. Weeeeeee!

Click here to search these and anything new on They’re great for gifts, or to amuse yourself. 🙂 If you’re in Canada, click here. Those in the UK can find them here!

If you’re in Toronto (Canada), email me to arrange to buy in person.

My Books July 2016

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Kitties for Decos

cats for decosTwo more deco pages, both in my favourite theme! First is a Bast-y Egyptian cat for Catpratt’s Cats deco book. I love how the expression came out so satisfied. 🙂 And on the right is a steampunk cat for TF Balding’s Steampunk deco. I think I’m going to use the lines for the second Whimsical Cats coloring book in the future. *wiggledance*

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Penny Dreadful

Ethan Chandler deco page medI’ve been in love with the show, Penny Dreadful, since it began a couple years ago. I love the brilliant way they’ve combined classic horror characters with a truly cool storyline. I particularly enjoyed Vanessa’s backstory with the old witch and the creepy cottage! Anyhow, I was sent a really awesome Penny Dreadful deco book to work in. I chose to draw/paint Ethan Chandler, the American werewolf (in London!) character. I chose him mostly because I find regular human portraits difficult.

I sent this guy to TF Balding, along with my own Creeeeeepy deco and my Doctor Who deco, and one other that I’ve managed to forget in the intervening day. LOL

I’m hoping Canada Post gets it together and doesn’t strike, because that puts a serious crimp in my ATC and deco swaps. Bah! Not to mention that I’ve been expecting things in the mail. *fingers crossed*

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June Deco Book Swap–Outbound

Gothic Hello Kitty deco bookJoined in the June deco swap, again to get some off my desk, and ended up making some more to go along. Everything is packed up to be mailed out.

First up, Gothic Hello Kitty. I made this from a rolodex card I’d started back when I was actively trading these. I chopped it up into the kitty, the spiderweb, and the kitty head, then I added stickers and printed out the fancy “Gothic” bit.  I like her better with a mouth, I think, than the usual Kitty.

Movie Monsters deco bookNext up is my Movie Monsters deco book. The images are from ATCs I made for someone who likes classic movie monsters. I laser printed them, then tea dyed the page to give it that tint. And of course sparkly gel pen on the stars because… old Hollywood. I sort of wish I’d also done Bela as Dracula, but I hadn’t done it for the actual swap and didn’t feel like it just now. So someone else will have to make a page for him, I guess. There’s a note on the back that any movie monster will qualify.

Cheshire with tea and sugarThen there’s this 4×4″ I did for a really cool Mad Tea Party deco book. It’s one that crumple-folds and expands. Totally noted the construction in my notebook, because I really need to make something like that at some point! It feels complicated in the hand, but actually is fairly simple when you draw out how it goes together. I like that.

Anyhow, obviously it’s the Cheshire Cat with his tea and sugar cubes. I did a little rim of silver puff paint on the rim of the cup, but it got smushed. Alas!

Have I mentioned that we call one of our cats the Bandersnatch? She’s mostly white and fluffy, and chubby, and just… yes. That’s not her name, though.

Artful Asia deco bookOkay, last bit: This one is a book I made for Phrixy. It’s a surprise, and will one day arrive at her parents’ place in the mail. Because why not. It’s Artful Asia, and since I painted and collaged on it, I didn’t also do a page. I have enough to do already! LOL Besides, she has lots of my art. The front is just headlines from a newspaper, so I have no idea what it says, and flowers and a postal stamp from some scrapbook paper. I painted the cherry blossom and the cherry blossom tree directly on the back and the inside cover respectively.

And that’s it for now. More colouring news very, very soon.

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Deco Batch

Toronto_Clown  DecosWorking on a new batch of deco book pages and new books of my own to send out. The first two here are a Toronto skyline from the waterfront, and a killer clown. Because everyone loves a killer clown. Don’t they?

I will update this post later with the rest of this batch…

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Colouring Book Fundraiser is Live

Catfish_Fantasy_byIceKat_medA while ago, I mentioned on FaceBook that my Catfish Fantasy image would be part of a colouring book fundraiser for Illustrated ATCs, to help fund the cost of servers and such so that awesome artists can continue to create and swap art there. (The Catfish Fantasy image is also part of my own IceKat’s Whimsical Cats colouring book, found here.) Well, it’s done, and available to purchase. This is a printable PDF which you download upon purchase, not a printed copy. It features a whole bunch of amazing artists and a ton of different themes–something for everyone!

Click on the image below to go to the site where you can get your copy now!

iATCs Colouring Book

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