I am currently OPEN for commissions.

Please email me with the details of what you would like, links to samples as appropriate, and any required due date if it is for a special occasion. If it is of a character I will need full details of the character’s description and existing images that you like. Please include any preferred colours, poses, etc. If it is a pet portrait I will need at least 2 images of the pet in question in order to determine if I am able to create a satisfying image for you. I will reply with a firm quote if I can accept your request, and/or any questions I may have.

Please note that all commissions $200 and under must be paid up front by PayPal or cash.
Note that you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card through PayPal. I will send you an invoice and you need only click the link and enter your card information to use the service. Alternately you may send a money order; work will begin once payment is received. I do not accept personal cheques.
For commissions over $200 I will require $200 up front and the remainder upon approval of the nearly-completed item. I will not ship any items not completely paid for under any circumstances.
I reserve the right to determine a reasonable timeline for payment. I will make every attempt to contact the original commissioner for negotiation of payment. If the item is not paid for in a reasonable time frame and the client seems disinclined to pay then I reserve the right sell the item to another buyer for any price I deem suitable. The original deposit is non-refundable in every circumstance.

Here is a basic price list. It is a starting point only, for simple images. Actual prices may be more if there are many intricate details or more expensive materials involved with your request. These quotes for 2D art are for watercolour or acrylic with some ink and/or coloured pencil details, 1 character or subject:

ACEO 2.5×3.5″ on watercolour paper $15 +$1 shipping
Bookmark 2×6-7″ on watercolour paper $15 +$1 shipping
Postcard 4×6″ on watercolour paper $25 +$1 shipping
Painting 8×10″ acrylic on canvas $50 + shipping (other sizes available)
Custom Jointed Paper Doll approx 10″+ tall $30 +$3 shipping

3D Art Commissions
1:12 Dollhouse or Playscale Miniatures begin at $5 +shipping
Custom Plush “Toy” begins at $20 +shipping
Custom Textile Art Doll begins at $100 +shipping
Patches Handmade Journals with 50 pages, your colours and theme begins at $75 +shipping for 5.5×8″ page size/ $120 for 8.5×11″ page size

Got an idea? No harm in asking! Contact me at