Calico Critters Obsession

Why yes, we have become obsessed. With Calico Critters/Sylvanian Families. Mostly the cats, but some others as well. They’re so cute! And we’re working on making a mansion where these little kitties are raised as part of this elaborate story world we have. By ‘we’ I don’t mean the ‘Royal we,’ but rather that Phrixy has become obsessed along with me. It’s nice to have company.

Anyhow, I’m going to use this page to add lists and such of the ones we want and the ones we have, mostly to keep organized when searching online. We also have pictures and comments on my Wist. I may add some photos here of our project as well. We’re thinking of making some kitties ourselves of colours, patterns and species we can’t find in commercial offerings of these or similar toys.

My Calico Critters collection as of Feb 4, 2012

My Calico Critters collection as of Feb 4, 2012

The List

Persis persian cat family–got it! Xmas 2011, thanks Kim!
Persis persian cat twins–got it! Xmas 2011, thanks Kim!
Persis brother–got it! Birthday 2012
Buttercup cat twins–got it! Xmas 2011, thanks Chels!
Carry case Carmel baby cat with teetertotter–got it! Xmas 2011, thanks Chels!
Carmel cat family (brown tabby, also called Macavity)–got it! Birthday 2012
Carmel cat twins–got it! Birthday 2012
Macavity sitting baby boy–got it! Birthday 2012
Buttercup/Keats sleep/crawl twins–got it! Birthday 2012
Keats standing baby–got it! Birthday 2012
Fisher cat family (grey tabby)
Fisher cat twins
Whiskers calico cat family
Whiskers calico cat twins
Buttercup cat family (also called Keats)
Charcoal cat family (white with black)
Charcoal cat twins
Tuxedo cat triplets
Chantilly cream cat family (ruffled cheeks)
Chantilly cream cat twins
Silk cat family (white, also called Golightly)
Silk cat twins
Grey-eared cat family
Dante cat family
Merryweather cat family
Butler cat set
Mulberry or Chestnut raccoon family
Van Dyke otter family

Play Sets
Camryn’s Country Boutique play set
Tanner & Tallulah’s Nursery Fun Time play set

Calico Critters Furniture
Sister’s Bedroom Set (lavender preferred)
Bunk Beds and/or triple bunk beds
Deluxe Kitchen Set
Deluxe Living Room Set
Deluxe Bathroom Set
Nightlight Nursery Set
Children’s Bedroom Set
Baby’s Nursery Set