In the interest of simplifying my life, I’ve decided to add an FAQ page to answer some of the questions I’ve received, or may receive. This area will expand as required.

To contact me about any of this, email me at the_icekat@yahoo.ca

1- Can I use your artwork or image you’ve posted for ___?
For this sort of thing, please email me to ask about a specific use. If you want to feature it on your blog, sure. Just be sure to link back to my blog and include my contact information. I’m happy to answer your questions for this purpose, too.
If you want to use my artwork for a commercial-type project, definitely email me first. I do charge licensing fees and DO NOT approve any such use, reproduction, etc of my artwork without prior contract. If you’ve noticed my artwork being used and suspect it’s not pre-approved, please let me know and include a link to the site and the artwork.

2- Do you do art trades, or trade for other services?
Maybe. For art trades I mostly only trade on ATCsForAll.com and IllustratedATCs.com under the username IceKat. These are controlled forums with feedback and the expectation of accountability.  I like to know who I’m trading with.
In terms of trading for some other goods or services, it would depend on what I might want or need at the time. It doesn’t hurt to ask. I’ll try to link to my Amazon wishlist or something so that people can know what I’m into or what I need. This could be helpful. Email me for my current thoughts and what you’re offering from your end.

3- Do you do commissions? What are your prices? Etc?
Yes, almost always, dependent on time constraints and subject matter.
For more info, check out my Commissions page.

4- Do you do interviews, or will you feature me on your blog?
Contact me with the details, and I will consider it. Remember to include a link to your site so I can have a look before replying.