Construction is Underway

I know, it’s taken me forever to get at the rebuild of my site here. It’s had many incarnations, some of which I torched before they ever really launched. But I love how easy WordPress is for making sites, and I’ll do my best to keep this one updated. Truth is, most nights after work and dinner I’m busy drawing or making something and just don’t get around to sharing much.

I think most of the informational pages are as done as they need to be for the moment. My next project will be getting a nice gallery installed so I can share my work here with you. For now you can see what I do on my Facebook page. There’s also a link on the menu bar, above.

What am I working on now? Well, I’m about done with my personal mail art swaps for now. I just have to wrap the Samhain swap items for my partner and arrange a meetup time to swap in person. The items I made from him sparked a really cool idea I’ll be sharing shortly. Can’t divulge yet in case he gets bored and browses any of my pages. The second swap is a Goddess swap. I actually completed my original swap and then volunteered to send to someone down under who got flaked on. Her stuff is nearly done.

So, on the front burners are my magical ____ project inspired by the Samhain swap, a book of God and Goddess jointed paper dolls, a first-ever issue of a zine for the GoddessCraft project, and some ATC swaps. On the back burner but bubbling hard are a couple of tarot decks, dollhouse stuff, dollhouse dolls, and setting up the event portion of the GoddessCraft project. Simmering quietly is the Pandaemonium project and our TCR yaoi project. Yeah, busy. It’s a wonder I have time to sleep! But I’m never happy unless I’m juggling a million things at once. LOL I carry a notebook everywhere in case I have an idea or find a useful link.

Those of you who don’t know me yet might be wondering what inspires me. Online I hang out and trade at a few different art/craft forums, including ATCsForAll, IllustratedATCs, and Craftster. When we get sick of being at home, we like to pack up our art gear and loiter at Tim Horton’s awhile. And when we feel like role play games we head to Furcadia, where I met my lovely wife originally, and where we have an elaborate world of our own. Fun!

Okay, so don’t expect most of my posts to be this long in the future. They probably won’t be unless I have a lot to update. Bit by bit I’ll be adding things about my various projects so you can be up to speed. So, on that happy note… welcome!

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