Winter Birds

Winter Birds Collection

Winter Birds Collection

Feeling stressed and down lately, though I am still plugging ahead with everything. We have almost completed the Winter Birds collection for our new The Lupercalia Company endeavor. We’ve been forging ahead, and the birdies are now available on Cafe Press as cards. We’ll have them on more items soon, and the digital paper collection will be available for purchase and download soon. We’re also working on Book of Shadows collections, and others inspired by Cirque Du Soleil, magicky things, and omg SPRING! Just need to buckle down and do more image prep so I can get this out to the world. We’re planning so many wonderful things, I just can’t wait! The best part of digital products for the consumer is that you never really run out of the papers you love, you can just print more of the ones you want to use. And even going to the copy center is quite affordable these days, I think.

If anyone has requests for paper collections not being offered or being offered in ways you don’t prefer, please send us an email. We may be able to come up with something. We really want our papers to be different!

The image above was painted by Phrixy, by the way. She’s been really working hard with me to get these collections rolling.

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