Domain Giggles

I spend a lot of time on the web dealing with domains, websites, and similar stuff. I notice things because I’m one of those grammar snobs, and I get rather particular about how things are phrased. Spelling is important to me, it really is. Anyhow,  I find all sorts of amusing domain names and websites in the course of my days. Here are three that got us chuckling this week over in IceKatlandia.

A cleaning company (no names, to protect the potentially guilty) that literally stated on their site that they are your ‘partners in crime,’ and that they will work after hours and weekends. Um… I hope they mean that they’ll clean up your house party before your parents get home, because if they’re implying anything else… I’m more than a little concerned.

I also noticed that the are under construction. Huh. I guess that lets a few folks off the hook while the unionized gate builders are getting it together.

Last, but certainly not least (and definitely the prize winner for the big WTF?) is MortgageFundingMadam (I don’t recall what the domain extension was, but it hardly matters). Really? Did no one talk to this person when they were setting up their business and maybe mention that the name they chose might not imply good things about them? Apparently the world didn’t approve of it either, because the domain is down and the owner’s phone is out of service.  I hope they pick a better name next time, or at least clarify what sort of business they’re really in.

Anyhoozles, that’s it for now. I’m working on some cards for a swap, and some Book of Shadows pages for a group swap I’m hosting where you make the same page for each other person in the group. Everyone ends up with the same pages at the end. I’ve been stitching a valance commission for Phrixy’s aunt, which has been a long process. I’m done all the beading for the 14 panels, and now I have to stitch those together and do the top section. Whew! Photos eventually…

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