Calypso… in third

Calypso the Mermaid by IceKat

Calypso the Mermaid by IceKat

I entered Calypso into the mermaid monthly contest at AFA. She came in third. Was really dreaming of the first prize, but alas! That’s okay. I sent her to go live with our AFA friend, Vicki Z, because she loves mermaids and I figured she’s appreciate her. 🙂

Calypso is done in Koi watercolours with Micron pen. I drew her quite a while ago, and then lost the packet with the card. Then I found her and decided she was still worthy of completing. Not always the case with old drawings. lol

Aside from that, I’ve been working on some tutorials for Gypsy Hearts. One is a day planner book, one is a Gratitude book, and one is for tassels. It’s sort of hard to keep up the enthusiasm when it feels like I’m barely treading water right now. But I refuse to give up. I know how hard it is to start a business because I’ve done it before. I’m hoping that this time, having a partner who is also interested will help. Nevertheless, it’s a long slog. I’m hoping that we can get some online sales rolling so that I feel more confident to make the move. That would really make my plans look brighter! Fortunately, Tim Horton’s has pumpkin muffins now, and that makes everything better.

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