Nooshing Through my Life

Nooshing Is Serious BusinessOkay, finally I’ve started plowing ahead on the Noosh project. It’s a series of picture books for kids about a witch’s cat named Noosh. The first book is Spaghetti is NOT for Nooshes! I’ve got a couple designs up on Cafe Press for Noosh in general, and she has a Facebook page too so I can let people know how it’s progressing. She even has her own website, located at, which will become the hub of all the Noosh info and activities shortly.

I hope you’ll join the newsletter on her site, and the Facebook group, so you can keep up with this exciting project. I have so many plans for Noosh, I literally feel like it’s bubbling out! I had to start a folder-book to contain and categorize the ideas. LOL! The only hard part is sorting out doing the images for the book itself. It’s a scary step, actually. But I’m pushing forward.

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