Deco Books

Night Vale Deco Cover by IceKatI’ve been having fun making deco books, and I’m sending my first one out in the world tomorrow with the trust that it will eventually make its way back to me safe and dazzling! It’s a bit scary and really fun to think that it will travel from artist to artist without my direction, and they will decorate the pages until it is full, and the last person will then send it back to me (hence the blanked out name and address on the back covers). My books are all 4×6″ with a cover made from mixed media card and the interior pages are lighter card stock. My covers are painted with watercolour, acrylic, and Micron pens, with touches of gel pen. My first one shown above is Welcome to Night Vale (more info here at Common Place Books.)

Horned Gods Deco CoverThe next is Horned Gods/Antler People, which is going on its first trip to visit Oddbreed. I really like these sorts of images, of forest spirits and such. I added some leafy doodles to the back page since this was last scanned.

Kitties & Feathers Deco CoverThen I painted my darling Derby on the cover of Kitties & Feathers. It’s not her exactly, but I used her markings on the kitty I drew, and since it’s an angel I thought it was appropriate. She passed about 7 years ago and I miss her terribly. She was the epitome of being a good kitty: she never jumped up where she didn’t belong–or at least didn’t knock things about if she did it in secret–and she didn’t generally try to run out the door or make messes, didn’t eat things she shouldn’t… etc. Makes me appreciate her more and more with the little booger cats we have now. lol They’re sweet, but they don’t behave as well as Derby did. I love them anyhow. I already made a hardcover book for images we make of them, so this one is for Derbs.


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