More ATC Swaps Completed

Magical Standing StonesI’ve finished several more ATC swaps through March, so I thought I’d share. First up are the cards I did for my Magical Standing Stones swap. The first is the Callanish in Scotland, then the Marayoor Dolmen, and the Circle of the Cthun from Stephen King’s story, “N.” The circle in the “N.” story has 8 stones, but the 8th one starts to fade away when the scary monsters from another dimension are starting to tear through into our world, which is why the stone 3rd from the right isn’t fully there.

Supernatural SwapThese ones were for Phrixy’s Supernatural (TV show) swap on ATCs For All.

First is the anti-posession tattoo design, with crows and branches.

Next is a fallen angel on the sidewalk.

Last of all is a really crappy rendition of Castiel, because I’m still not very good at making people look like anyone in particular. Blah.

There were some really great cards in that swap, such talent. We put our cards into the Supernatural fanbook I made for Phrixy. It has ATCs, an ACDC pin on the binding, lists, facts about Sam and Dean on pull out tags, ‘blood’ dripping down the pages, stuff like that. It looks really cool. I’ll have to post pictures of it. Maybe I’ll do a tutorial about how to make the books. They’re just made from a sheet of poster/bristol board and tied through with ribbon or whatever you have that matches your theme.



Trees 2014 These are the trees I painted for Sal’s swap at Illustrated ATCs. There’s a lantern tree, a purple willow, and two spiral root trees. I might work those last ones into something at some point. I really like the underground parts.

I think I could use some life drawing for trees. I’m not all that happy with the trees in general. Meh.

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