Secret Santa for Kre

Okay, these are the gifts for my second Secret Santa partner. Kre lives in the UK, so this might take a while to arrive.

Nuada and Nuala ATC double by IceKatFirst up is a double-ATC of Nuada and Nuala from Hellboy 2. That’s the movie we went to see after our wedding party dinner, so it’s kinda special. When Kre asked for Nuada, I had to do it! I left these attached, but they can be separated to make 2 cards.

I would have liked to do a little painting of Nuada practicing with his sword–such a hot scene–but my skills were not feeling up to it.

For Kre a Mermaid paper doll and Fairy chunky page by IceKatNext is a mermaid jointed paper doll and a fairy chunky page.

This mermaid is a particular goddess that I remembered to write on the doll, but not on my image file. Of course. In any case, she’s made of 140lb watercolour paper, and she has joints so her arms, hips and tail parts can all move.

The fairy isn’t anyone in particular. I imagine she’s anticipating a kiss. Maybe I should have drawn in some mistletoe…?

Sadly the fairy went a bit off-kilter when I scanned them together. This is what happens when I try to survive without a camera for too long.






Sunbathing On The Rock merman ATC by IceKatThis is an ATC of a merman catching some sun on the rocks. Because Kre said she likes mermaids. And I like to draw mermen.

Very creatively, it’s called Sunbathing on the Rocks. Yeah, I know, I’m awesome at naming things.


blue goddess ornament by IceKatLastly, I have a pathetic scan of what was actually a fairly cute little sewn and beaded goddess ornament. Kre said she likes turquoise, and this was the closest fabric I had.

The package included chocolate and some mini gel pens, too.

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