Yuletide ATCs

Got these done last night and posted off to the swap today! VickiZ’s pagan swaps are some of my faves to do. She always knows just the cards I would want in return, and makes an effort to send them to me. <3

Yule ATCs 2015 La Befana, Mistletoe, White Stag, Father ChristmasWithout further ado, my cards here are La Befana, the Italian Christmas witch. She’s meant to be covered in soot from cleaning houses. She really will give you coal if you’re bad! She would tend to give more traditional gifts, as I understand it. Small toys, oranges, etc.

Mistletoe is two kitties snuggling under a star made of twigs and mistletoe, and red ribbons.

Yule King is a sacred white stag. I have a thing for stags with curly antlers. I’ve seen stamps and images with amazing, wildly huge curly antlers, and want them all. Have none. lol

And lastly, my friend Wulf dressed as a Scandinavian Father Christmas. This character has a specific name that I can’t remember, and he’s very old. This doesn’t look much like Wulf, but it was the amazing costume I was trying to capture. He’s a theatre props master, and made the whole costume for the Winter Solstice event at Kensington Market a few years ago.

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