Another Deco Book and Traveler’s Notebook

Memento Mori decoMemento Mori is for another TF Balding deco. LOL I think I have a whole stack of her books here still! Fun themes, though. 🙂 The idea for this one came from a tattoo on a show, and after I drew my own version, I realized the cover of her book was similar. that’s okay… I clearly need to practice drawing realistic skulls, especially if I’m getting back into tattoos.

Speaking of which, I’m getting back into tattoos! Go take a peek at my Tattoos page to see the pictures I dug out of the depths of my hard drive. 🙂 None of them is recent, but I’ll post more when I’ve got some. I’m going to practice on myself before subjecting any victims clients to my needle…

My TN coverSo I’ve started mucking about with altered books. And traveler’s notebooks. This is what happens when those two things get together and have a baby: my altered book traveler’s notebook! The cover is hollowed out of pages, and I covered the interior with tea dyed papers ripped up and applied. The exterior is purple mottled with silver with a black area inset just a smidge. On that is a bat embellishment I got at Michaels, and metal corner bits. The elastic closure has a metal dangle that says Believe.

This book holds cahier sized inserts. I’ve got one in there, along with a Michaels notebook, a little datebook, and a folded over trading card holder for tucking odds and ends into. I’m going to make myself a nice dashboard and pocket folder later.

I only had thin elastic this time around so I doubled it, but now I have some nice 2mm stuff in black, white, and rainbow, so my next ones will be super awesome! The holes have eyelets in them to protect the book spine from wear. And now I’m hunting old books to make into more of these, because I really like the hardcover finish rather than the floppy kind. That said, I’m still going to mess with making some fabric ones. Because I can.

My TN inside

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