Ganesha will Overcome your Obstacles!

Ganesha TN coverI have a bit of a thing for Ganesha. He seems creative and helpful, though I am by no means an expert and wouldn’t want to claim any deep knowledge of him. So a while ago I did this watercolour card based on a gorgeous statue, and thought I might like to print it out and play with it. This is the result: a Ganesha travelers notebook, again created from a hardcover book. 🙂 I LOVE it. I think he’s just lovely, and the whole project came together perfectly. I just happened to find all the materials that made it work.

He has faux gems and silver dotwork all around the image on the front cover you see here. The closure elastic has a ceramic bead in blue-green tones that go with the image pretty well.

Ganesha insertThe insert notebook matches both the front cover and the interior. The littler Ganesha image is actually a shaker card, with little gems and sequins inside. I think it’s adorable. The blue paisley paper matches the cover interior, as does the strip of cotton lace in antique white.

This is ‘cahier’ sized once again. I think most of these traveler’s notebooks I make will be, since it’s the most common size that hardcover books are produced in. Plus I like the size for working in, so I bought a bunch. LOL Really fun for decorating as well, since there’s room to put a bunch of elements on without making it seem crowded, I think.

Ganesha full coverHere you can see the full outside cover. The back is plain this time, but the spine is covered with an adorable Indian elephant ribbon that my darling found for my stash once upon a time. She has a knack for knowing what I’ll want to play with, somehow. 🙂 And I still have some left! *happy dance*

Normally elephants aren’t particularly my thing, but this just came together so perfectly, I think. The colours and themes just all work together, and the paisley paper even matched. Synchronicity, maybe?

Ganesha interiorLastly we have the interior, which shows the paper lining with the notebook inside. Again, we have 4 elastics for tons of inserts! I really like how the lace looks with the blue paper, so I may need to dig up more of that to hoard for next time!

So that’s it! If you’re interested in this or other traveler’s notebook covers I make, take a poke at my Etsy shop on the right margin to see what’s available, or to ask about a custom design! I’m having so much fun making these right now. 🙂 Hope you’re liking them too!

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