Get Your Creepy Halloween Now!

IceKat's Creepy Halloween Coloring BookWoot! I finished the 13 image IceKat’s Creepy Halloween in time for October’s spooky buying season. People ordering hard copies can get them in time from Amazon to enjoy for the best of all holidays! It will replicate to the other Amazon shops over the next few days. 😀

Check out my Etsy shop to the right —> and you will see Creepy Halloween in digital printable form as well!

There are some pictures in here I just LOVE! Including the last one, a very creepy scarecrow. And the cat witch (she’s more adorable than creepy, but some people don’t like anthros). Check out my sample images below to see what’s included in this book. I encourage people to use the images for sticking into journals, scrapbooks, etc, so go wild! Just don’t use it for copying to others or commercial purposes, thanks!

Creepy Halloween Samples

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