Goddess Swap

So February was slow for me. I didn’t really do any art at all after the frenzy to do the January 30 paintings challenge. My carpal tunnel pain was really acting up, and I just needed a break.

At the start of March, I got my first Etsy sale, which is exciting! Now that I’m getting that sorted out, I’m looking forward to more sales. 🙂

Nasty Woman Goddess and Dahlia deco pageI entered CatPratt’s goddess shape swap. We all have to use the same Nile goddess shape she supplied for us.

The pink pussy hat on the Nasty Woman goddess is removable to preserve the shape for the swap. Did I mention that I got myself one of those shirts for my birthday? It supports Planned Parenthood. I’m happy about that.

Next to her is a dahlia I painted for a deco book for this month’s deco swap.


Springtime and Bast goddesses

Next are my Springtime goddess, with flowers and dragonflies, and bits of drifting spring fluff, and my Bast goddess. Her hair and ears are also a removable hat.

I like that I did two people-type goddesses and two that are decorative within the shape.

I have the option of doing 3 more for the swap, but I think I’ll hold off on that for now.

The last goddess is my Cosmos goddess. I decided after making my cosmos traveler’s notebook cover that I like to paint outer space sometimes. 🙂

Cosmos goddessSo at the moment I’m just finishing up watching Nine Lives. Not the best movie but the cat is cute. My cats all come running when they hear meows and yowls on my computer, so they’ve been a constant menace while I’ve been posting this and trying to scan the art. Good grief! Sometimes Phrixy sends me videos on purpose of kittens crying just to get them riled up. *headshake*


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