ATC Alternatives Challenge

For this iATCs challenge, you had to make 1 skinny page (3×7″), 2 twinchies (2×2″), one chunky (4×4″), and one Gothic Arch that fit 4×6″. So basically, all the standard items except an ATC. 😀 Yeah, I know, there are some things that weren’t included. Frankly I’m glad we didn’t do inchies, because those are too small for me.

Sorry this scan is tipped a little. I decided the stained glass dragon Gothic arch would fit into a fantasy deco I had on hand, so I used it for that, and it can move along to the next artist. The pages inside were black, so I outlined this with white Sharpie so it would stand out a little.

Next I did the skinny page and twinchies with a moon/cosmos theme. The skinny page ended up filled in with info about the April Pink Full Moon, for my witchy journal book I’ve been featuring on my site.

These will also probably show up in my moon embellishments pack I’ve been mucking about with. Eventually I’ll put it up as a digital product on Etsy. Yay!

Last of all is a chunky I made for with Phrixy’s birthday present. It’s a painting of Noosh/Poet, one of our cats who likes to talk to her on the phone when she gets home from work at night. It’s very cute. Whenever the phone rings now, Noosh starts meowing and running to me to get her chance to talk. She’ll try to talk to anyone just in case it might be her other mommy. You never know.


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