People of the Forest ATCs

Well, that was a bit of a gap in my posting… Sorry. I’ve been making travelers notebook things and got a bit wrapped up in it. I started doing laminated folders and different sizes than my usual cahier ones. They’ll be uploaded to Etsy soon.

People of the Forest 2017 I was going to drop out of this People of the Forest swap because I got a bit squeezed by the deadline. Last week was Bootcamp at work, and I was feeling swamped even though we really did very well with managing everything. Tired and needed to recuperate on the weekend. Then… my cards just happened. Partly inspired by Ghibli (obviously), and partly just my own stuff. These are all watercolour and ink pens.

I particularly like the Forest Lord in the upper right. He just came out nicely, I think.

And of course I had to do some kodama. It’s a must. 🙂

Next I’m starting Drawlloween for the iATCs challenge.

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