Backpack Fix

So I started using my little backpack because a) I hope it helps my shoulder pain from arthritis, and b) it’s cute purple leopard print. After a few uses I realized that I’m used to having a pouch on the front or something for putting things I just want to grab easily, like my bus pass.

I have a few different kitty face pouches, so I thought maybe one of those would fit the bill. I was worried it might get torn off if I put it on the front, so I sewed it to the side instead. I should have checked my card in it first, but fortunately it just fits. Yay! And I think it looks pretty cute on there.

Now the only remaining aggravation is that the straps are a bit slippery. It doesn’t hold as much as I’d like, but maybe that’s for the best so I don’t make it heavier than I should be carrying.

Sometimes being crafty is actually useful. 😀

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