Ink, ink, ink…

Today has been full of re-inking line art from some of the paper dolls I previously made as gifts or swap items. I’d scanned the line art before colouring it, but I’ve been feeling that many of them needed some touch ups to the proportions or other similar problems.

Since my hours have been reduced at work, I’m making this and the book of shadows pages my major focus for now. What BOS pages you might ask? Well, inspired by my Samhain swap with Wulf, I’ve been making half and full sized book of shadows pages that will be available in batches to either print out or buy pre-printed so you can use them in your own book. Some will have full content and others will be decorative so that you can enter your own thoughts, recipes, spellwork, journaling, etc. The full batches will be for sale but don’t worry, there will be some in the freebies section to download and use as well. Phrixy will be contributing to these as well.

And just so you have something to look at, here are the cards I completed several days ago during a Tim Horton’s loiter. They’re for the Magical Water Elemental swap I’m hosting at AFA.

Moon Blossom, Otter Spiral, and Hippocampus, for my 2011 Magical Water Elemental swap at AFA.

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