Woo! I just started setting up my own Zazzle account. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Zazzle is a site where you can upload your images and have them printed on various items from T-shirts to household products and so on. I’ve tried Cafe Press before, but their shop fees kept eating up my sales, so I’m going to try this out instead. I don’t think they have a book option, sadly, but who knows what they’ll come out with next.

Anyhoozle, I’m not even started putting up content since I’m not at home with access to my picture files so I’m not going to promote my actual shop yet. But I will by this weekend, for sure! I have lots of great images that were pretty popular in the past so I’ll put those up first. Lots of kitties will be coming your way, including the sunbathing merkitty and Maneki Bast. 😀

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