Owl ACEOs available now on eBay

After some reflection (and barely being able to tear these away from myself… and then from Phrixy), I decided to post my 3 owl cards on eBay. If you are interested in purchasing them, please see the link at the end of this post. And without further ado, here are my adorable owls:

Owl card by IceKat

"Delivery" ACEO by IceKat

The first is “Delivery” and features a horned owl on a branch with a letter in his claw. He’s lovely for a Harry Potter fan.

The second card, “Little Messenger,” is similar, but features a little bubo-type owl.

The third card is a parent and owlet cuddling, called “Owl Snuggle.” I think it’d make a cute Mother’s Day or Father’s day gift for an owl collector.

Check out the listings on eBay here. And please feel free to share this link with friends who might like an affordable, original, handmade owl gift. Thanks!




owl ACEO by IceKat

"Little Messenger" ACEO by IceKat

owl ACEO by IceKat

"Owl Snuggle" ACEO by IceKat

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