Calico Critters Madness

Our new obsession is sooo cute! The Calico Critters cats are multiplying! Today I got my package full of Persis cats! There are not enough exclamation points here to express my reaction upon freeing them from the bubble wrap and baggies!!!!!!!!! Yes. So. Everyone is congregating in the living room of my dollhouse, and let’s just say that it’s getting crowded. LOL I think I’ll have to buckle down and finish up some of the renovations so I can spread them out more comfortably.

I plan to use the Persis cats (the fuzzy white ones) as Ice’s kittens as they grow up. Chels made me Ice and Orm from Sculpy, but they need hair and such, and she made me promise not to post them until they’re fully complete. The household also needs Khalon and Oki made.

Calico Critters

Calico Critters Christmas

Here are the kitties. Oh, and she decorated the Christmas tree for me too! It has a star on top and wee bulbs from a novelty necklace.

To recap, there are 6 Persis cats (family of 4 plus the twins set), Buttercup cat twins, and the brown tabby teetertotter baby. There are 2 kittens in the cradle behind the teetertotter. Papa Persis decided to wait outside, as you can see. I don’t blame him. LOL


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