Project: Save Noosh!

Poet, our little Noosh

Poet, our little Noosh

So sorry to have to be in this position again, but for those of you who remember, Parsa’s sister Poet is now suffering from the same wet uterine infection that nearly took Parsa from us last year.

To make matters worse, I was cut from full to part time hours since last October, and we have been just surviving, hoping to return to full time eventually and picking up opportunities here and there. So there is no money for us to get Poet’s surgery. We call her Noosh as a nickname, by the way, hence the title of the post.

Anyhow, we need to raise at least $500, super-fast! This is the best price the cat rescue can help us with.

Phrixy and I are taking commissions again. $10 for ACEOs, $15 for Postcards, and other sizes upon request. See the commissions page for other ideas. Please add $1.00 for postage in North America and $2.00 international. We are taking PayPal at . Please put in the note what it’s for and the subject you’d like us to paint for you. We will divvy up the commissions by which of us can do the best job for the subject you choose. Please forgive us if it takes a bit of time to finish and send out, as you can imagine it’s a bit crazy here trying to keep up with things and deal with this.

Candles, blessings, and good wishes much appreciated. Thanks to everyone! We will keep you posted frequently.

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