Shop is Up!

Finally! The IceKat Studio shop on CafePress is up at last! There is a bit of tweaking left to do (the dragon section is being a butt and won’t co-operate in nesting) but other than that I have a few designs up to start with.

I will be adding some books shortly as well, including the Paper Doll Gods and Goddesses, volume 1, and prints of some paintings. But for now there are some very cute fantasy kitties, a few pagan-ish designs, and the lone dragon which–as I mentioned–is being a butt.

Next up, I’ll be adding a shop for GoddessCraft, and putting up some designs and zines especially for that project. Keep an eye out!

For now, either click the link on the menu above, or visit us here to find some awesome gifts for anyone from kids to adults.


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