Book of Shadows Swap

Coincidentally, I’ve been working on Book of Shadows pages to create a digital package of hybrid BoS/magical journal pages and embellishments to sell here and on Etsy. My brain has been stewing around theme groupings and such. And along came a Craftster swap just for me!

My partner wanted some yoga things and herbology for local weed-type plants and such, so I went crazy on it. Her book is really small, so I made pages she can glue in directly. Still waiting for my package, but here’s what I sent to her:

Book of Shadows swap package

Book of Shadows swap package by IceKat

The fairy doll is for her daughter, a simplified version since she’s pretty young. Apparently Marianne loved it. 🙂  The greenman is for my swap partner, and then there was a little accordion book with herbal recipes, a baggie of star beads and one of metal clips to mark sections in her book. Spread around that are the 20 pages I made for her.

Looking forward to seeing what she sends. We talked about a gypsy style Book of Shadows for me, but we’ll see.

Oh, and to update on Poet, she’s all better and chattier than ever. She got her stitches out last week I think it was, and she’s nearly back to her previous weight. Thanks to everyone who helped out! We’re sending thank yous over the next few weeks as we get the art for that created.

This weekend I’m making more journal or BoS books. There’s a Grimoire tip-in swap on Illustrated ATCs that I’ve joined, so it inspired me to sit and make pretty book covers while we hide from the heat.

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