What Happened to This Week?

Now, I know I have actually done some things this week. I really have. In fact, I’ve been working on making a mini army of Dr Who dolls for our swap. But I don’t *feel* like I’ve done anything. It’s been excruciating to me. And now it’s Thursday night, I missed a day of work because of pain from a minor biopsy yesterday, and I’ve spent a lot of time asleep. Yeah, I know that I’m allowed not to feel well, and that I should take the time to recover when I need to. But my drive to make things happen is driving me squirrely to accomplish more, more more!

Anyhow, I received a great Book of Shadows package that I’ll show off this weekend, and I’m determined to get a buttload of things done on my days off so that I can move ahead with all the projects. I’ll have a list and be ticking off the accomplishments.

Am I the only one who feels bad about time off to recuperate from illness or what have you? I just feel like if I’m not at work I should be getting things done on my own projects. Ugh.

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