Halloween Swap Fun

Over at iATCs we’re doing a Halloween gift swap, which I’m really excited about. I have 2 secret partners, and I got so into making things on Sunday night at Tim’s that I’m at least half done already. I’m not going to mention them by name just in case they Google themselves and find this or something.

Crow Medicine

Crow Medicine Paperdoll by IceKat

The first is a Crow Medicine Paperdoll, with joints at the shoulders of the wings. The body has blanket patterns done in black on black, with a bit of sparkle gel pen.

The second item is for the same person: a grey alien paperdoll ornament. The alien has an Acme Probe in his hand, in case he needs to perform an abduction. One never knows! He is jointed in the arms and hips.

Both of these are painted on recycled chipboard from packaging, as are the ones below.

Grey Alien Paperdoll

Grey Alien Paperdoll by IceKat

Zombie Teddy Paperdoll

Zombie Teddy Paperdoll by IceKat

The Zombie Teddybear Paperdoll ornament is jointed at each limb. I love that he has a brain, but that his wounds have stuffing popping out. His tag says ‘Aberzombie & Witch.’

The Cavalera and Zombie Cupcake ornaments were fun. They’re for the same person as the zombie bear. They’re chipboard with various beads and rhinestones, etc. The zombie one is actually dimensional¬† so that the blood layer is on top of the green layer, and the brain is a separate layer on top of that. Fun!


Cavalera & Zombie Cupcake Ornaments

Cavalera & Zombie Cupcake Ornaments by IceKat

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