Last of the Summer PAT cards

iATCs Summer PAT part 2

iATCs Summer PAT part 2

So I finally finished the last batch of the Summer Pick-a-Theme cards. I was struggling with the Scary or Dark Carnival theme at first because I really love it, but it’s hard to really convey a sense of terror in a single tiny image (in my opinion, for me). I was thinking of Silent Hill Revelation, naturally, but how to pull it off? I have never played the games. I’m just not a gamer. Then I saw a screen capture of the carousel in the game, with flayed horses hung on hooks, and next to that a sculpture on Deviant Art by Escaron (GORE WARNING!). It really inspired me and solved my problem.

My cards are as follows:
Silent Hill Carousel for Dina54
Miora the Malagasy Lemur for Lemurkat
Exotic Flower (no idea what it is) for Leigh

In other news, my Uncle Danny and a woman I knew from a women’s groups I used to attend both passed away, one on the 5th and one on the 8th of August. Things have been strange, I just haven’t felt much like completing things even though I wasn’t close to either of them. I just want to be there for my dad most of all, and visit with him some while he’s here. He lives in Halifax,NS, and the funeral is in Markham. But I’m still plugging away at things to get my projects completed and posted. I’ve been feeling super tired, but that might be stress.

My Summer Witches ATC swap is concluded, just need to swap out, and the BoS pages of the Witchy Crafty PAT swap are trickling in. People are so creative! I’ll try to take photos before I send out.

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