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Ingrid Dijkers Ambrosia Journals

Ingrid Dijkers Ambrosia Journals

So, I don’t know how I found this site, but I’ve been obsessively going through the blog of Ingrid Dijkers. I really like her style, because although it’s informed by Teesha Moore’s zetti stuff, it lacks the parts I’m not partial to, such as the abundance of pointy hats and magazine people. The colours are mostly vivid and gorgeous, even if they aren’t generally ones I tend to work with. I feel inspired to make a ton of journals, and in fact I have some cool ideas I want to work up with Phrixy to sell or make classes from the way Ingrid does. It’s exciting!

Now that last weekend’s funerals are over, I’ve been feeling lighter and so very happy that I got to see my dad again after so long. I got a whole week in at work with a bit of extra time a few mornings. I’ve been getting to bed at a decent time (‘decent’ according to the general population, that is), but even though I’ve been tired in the evenings my mood has been lighter too. Whew! I just want to make things and get our business running, get everything sorted out… I feel like it can work out, for real. There are people doing it, I can do it too. There’s nothing special-er about them, except that they’re doing it. So. That means I can too. Says me.

Anyhow, I’d recommend going to look at that blog. So inspiring! So many ideas scrambling about in my head!

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