Adorable Minis for Swap

Mini Swap Batch 1So here are some of the 1:12 scale minis I’ve been making to swap with Mrs. Alderman on AFA. There are more bits I’m making, and some I’m getting printed (like cake and cookie boxes). The eggs, breads, mandrake and cookies are made from homemade air dry clay, and the rest are polymer clay and random bits and bobs. The red mushrooms are polymer clay, and the brown ones are air dry clay. The mini ice cubes are from a bag of vase filler I found at Dollarama that was perfect in size and shape, so I’m sending some along for her to put to use.

Not pictured are a ton of books that I featured in another post, which I’ll find and link later. I may make more things before sending this off, we’ll see. It’s just the first batch of an ongoing swap.

I’ve also started making things in playscale as well, for my Monster High, Bratzillas and Barbies to have. I just do it at the same time, a bit bigger. I actually don’t measure those, just guesstimate from my dolls.

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