Pocket Cats

 Felt Pocket Cats 1In honour of the children’s book I’m working on for the Pocket Cats series, Zoe’s Mermaid Tale, I started making some felt kitties. They will eventually each have a pocket to hang around a child’s neck, and a little zine with information about the actual Pocket Cats characters from the stories.

All the kitties are hand stitched, and they come in just about every colour a cat does. I’m working on more, but I think I’ll need to get more felt colours. There are even calico cats now, in dilute and regular colours. I’ll have to flip these guys over and show the back, I guess, because most of the markings are on the back. Looks like I’ve got 15 now, regulars and mercats!

I got some embellishments to put on the pockets, just need to start on those next, and finish the zine to go in the pockets too…

Felt Pocket Cats 2

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