Cecil and Kevin

Cecil and Kevin Phrixy’s hosting a Slashing Fandoms swap over at AFA. I’m not sure if I’m up to a full swap set at the moment, and we only have 2 weeks before she’s leaving to see her family in Iowa again. For 5 long months. But I digress (and whine). Anyhow, I did this card as a gift, regardless, because she’s always amused that I take the side of Desert Bluffs/Kevin whenever Welcome to Night Vale comes up, or comes on. Tomorrow we’re going to a live performance, so I thought it would be appropriate. If you don’t know about Welcome to Night Vale, a very cool podcast, you really should check it out.

So, Cecil is the intrepid radio host for Night Vale Community Radio. Kevin is his double, from Desert Bluffs. Or, sort-of double. It’s complicated. People say that Desert Bluffs is the evil version, but really, there’s a lot of weird and diabolical shit that goes on in Night Vale, so pot meet kettle.

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