Studio Ghibli swap

Studio Ghibli Swap ATCsI haven’t been doing much art lately, because I’ve been really down. Phrixy has gone to Iowa for a five month visit/to work, and it’s really hard being completely alone. I miss having someone here. I miss all the things we did when she’s here. I miss trips to Tim’s together that end up in lots of art and writing and a sense of accomplishment. I miss when we used to RP all the time, and now… it’s been not so much. The distance feels emotional as well as physical, and it has for a while. It hurts. So I’ve been writing a story, and not so much doing the artwork.

These are some Studio Ghibli cards for a swap at Illustrated ATCs. Totoro Napping, The Forest Spirit, a Radish Spirit, and Kohaku.

Had my review at work and I’m still employed, so there’s that. Also, I wrote to the guys at the Self Publishing Podcast, and they wrote back that they may be interested in working with me in a few months, which would rock my world. I’m happy about that. But still feeling melancholy.

Fingers crossed for Phrixy to find work soon. The burden of a single income household in Toronto is getting to be too much when I’ve been sick and depressed so often. When she gets back we’re applying for her to get her permanent resident status. Then she can work here, and the visits back home will be much shorter and hopefully together.

So that’s what’s up right now.

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