It’s getting to be that time of year!

The most wonderful time of the year!

No, not Christmas, and not back to school–although I really LOVE the cheap school supplies. I got a ton of notebooks for writing in this year, and plan to fill them all!

traditional witches by IceKatNo, the time of year I love best is Halloween. The crisp air, the leaves on the ground, and the sense of… something coming. I can’t quite describe how I love Halloween and autumn. Anyhow, I got a spurt of energy to create some traditional witches for a swap at iATCs, and here they are. First is Baba Yaga, soaring through the sky in her mortar and pestle (still might do the chicken hut, dunno); next is La Befana in her sooty shawl, bringing gifts to good children in Italy on Epiphany Eve; and lastly, Strega Nona and her cauldron of endless spaghetti.

I also did some cards for a PAT at AFA for Halloween, but haven’t scanned them yet. I’m hoping to squeak out some more creativity before the court case is back upon me, as it just sucks the life from me. Especially this last part. More to come!

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