Another Round of Decos

I finally got off my butt and dug out the small pile of deco books I’ve been hoarding. I completed one for CatPratt, Through the Heart, with an image of the 3 of Swords tarot card. Forgot to scan it, but it’s a pretty standard image.

SweetDreams deco pgFor someone from Romania, I did Sweet Dreams, a pen and ink winged snow leopard dreaming of something good. The page before mine was so abstract that I had a hard time deciding what to do, but at last I made an executive decision and just did it. No references, just a fun doodle. I haven’t done a plain ink drawing in a long time without adding watercolour, so it was enjoyable.




Then I got some spam fax papers from work Bast Deco Coverand put together some blank books for myself and Phrixy, and made a couple of my own to send along to TF Balding in this package. The first is Bast, done chibi style. I credited the inspiration inside the cover, but didn’t think to write it down before sending. I think she’s adorable!

Christmas Yetis Deco CoverAnd the second book is Christmas Yetis, because I’ve had a thing for yetis lately. Crypto critters are so fun! And who wouldn’t love a yeti for Christmas?

I’m planning to add beads and other decorative elements to my books when they return, so that they don’t get too heavy and bulky for sending around. I don’t think it’s really fair to incur the extra cost for people to play with the booklets. So yeah. My plan is to keep our returned decos and chunky books in a basket in the living room so we and visitors can flip through them to enjoy.

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