Pocket Letters and Doctor Who, OMG

I think I’m a bit obsessed with pocket letters. I discovered it on YouTube recently and watched SO MANY videos about how to make pocket letters and the do-dads you put in them and on them, and OMG. Like I needed another obsession. So I decided to spin it to suit what I might actually use. I started a swap for pagan pocket letters, with the intent that the players would be able to use the contents to put into their Book of Shadows or other magical journal. I can’t stop thinking of pagan twists to put on all the ideas I’ve been finding online for this stuff. My BoS will be blinged out, if I can get around to working on it again. LOL

pagan pocket letters goodiesSo these are a few of the things I started making. The top two items are the same thing, one closed and one open. It has essential oil recipes. The middle left is a shaker card with sequins and glitter inside. Middle right is an ATC sized journal with a bat on it. Bottom row are two large-ish paperclips with attached banners.

Since then I have also made a voodoo doll journal spot card for everyone, and I’m working on ATCs of the things my swap partners indicated they like. One pocket is filled with digital stamps I’ve printed out, also, which they can colour and paste into their books. I’m also making tags and other things.

So I got around, also, to making a page for a Doctor Who deco book, which I’ve since passed on to Phrixy. (Who will probably sit on it until I guilt her into working on it and passing it on.)

Starry Night for Whovian DecoI have always wanted to try my hand at the TARDIS Starry Night painting, and let me tell you, it is hard to make it look like the original. I had a heck of a time at just-bigger-than ATC sized for this, but I enjoyed it a lot. One day I’d love to do a full sized one for the living room. Or maybe I’ll just buy the poster and enjoy someone else’s hard work. ¬†Yeah, I left out the village part because it was feeling so cluttered to me, and I really wanted the TARDIS to be the focus.

Interestingly, I later saw an episode of Ink Master where the contestants had to tattoo famous paintings, and this was one of them. Hats off to them, wow.

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