Oracle Cards

I’ve been wanting to make a tarot or oracle deck for ages, for myself and to sell. I’ve turned it over and over in my head year after year, and I finally decided that I will slowly plug away at this in between my other projects. Like the old “eating an elephant” adage: just do it one bite at a time.

Meditation card for Ang by IceKatWhat inspired this again, now? My arty friend Ang decided that she wanted to trade other artists for goddess oracle cards. I jumped on it. My first drawing is cat-based (I’ll show it later, when I establish my cat deck project), and that wasn’t exactly what she was looking for. She wanted women’s faces, without any keywords on the card–and I of course had drawn a banner on my cat card. So I regrouped and did an alternate version. I hope she likes it, because I think it came out well.

Contemplation is the theme: meditation, introspection, quiet examination, etc. Something I’ve been feeling the need for lately.

I had a lot of false starts in the past. I started one with cupcakes (LOL no, really) that I only got the aces done. I dabbed here and there on individual cards that became nothing in the end. I would get bored of it and abandon the idea again. So this time I made a list of possible themes. No pressure. If I feel like working on this project, I will. If I don’t, that’s cool too. Once I have a few done I will explain my basic idea, because there will be sections to the deck that might be available separately. We shall see…

For now, here is Contemplation. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately, or trying to. Just remembering to breathe.

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