The End of Drawlloween! At last!

Okay, last batches of Drawlloween… I am sooooo done.

Drawlloween batch 6This batch includes my Raven, which became a deco book cover I’ll be sending out soon; a dark faerie¬†guy¬†with the Amulet (“Dark Heart”) for TF Balding’s deco book; way more CANDY than I should have bothered to draw; and lastly my Mask card, which is a plague doctor. I love that one in particular. I might have to do a larger painting of a plague doctor, maybe for a deco of creepy things. We shall see.

The amulet has a lot of sparkles, but that never scans well. There’s even some sparkle paint in the heart. Really, there is.

OMG I made it!!! 31 done. Whew!
Drawlloween end So the final batch is gore (Zombie Garden Gnome Feast), Creature from the Black Lagoon, Scarecrow, and on the bottom, the damned 8 bit zombie and a Frankenstein that I have no interest in colouring. I drew it, I’m done. LOL

I used to do a lot of pen and ink, 18×20″ meticulously dotted and hatched… wow. I won awards for my pen and inks, many moons ago. I dunno if I have the patience anymore. But I really love how the scarecrow came out, so maybe I’ll make an effort to mess with it more, again.

For the zombie garden gnome, I was inspired by a photo of statues made by an artist couple. There was one of 3 garden gnomes devouring a pink flamingo. It was so cute, I just had to pay homage. And maybe one day I’ll have a garden full of truly weird things!

And now… onto other things. I have an oracle card to make for Ang, a swap to send for Catpratt, and… um… I know there’s more. Good thing I keep extensive lists of things I won’t get done. Hahahaha!

Blessed Samhain, and Happy Halloween!

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