Blessed Imbolc!

I have been working on getting my first novel fully completed and ready for publishing. My goal is to have it on Kindle by my birthday next week, which means I have some more editing to do, and I need to learn to format it properly in Scrivener. Fortunately, one of the guys I follow on YouTube just put up a tutorial and hopefully I am saved!

All this has kept me from completing the January painting challenge, but I’m okay with that. One of my goals this year is to complete the projects I have started, including my novels and kids’ books, which means that sometimes I will have to drop swaps and bow out of challenges. I came up with a fun idea to make pagan embellishments for scrapbooks or books of shadows, etc, but I didn’t allow myself to jump on it the day I came up with it. I needed to write instead. Yeah, it feels a bit mean to make myself wait, but it’s going to take discipline to reach my goals and free myself from the same old grind.

It’s Imbolc, though, and in celebration of Brigid–goddess of crafts among other things–I’m going to let myself play tonight with whatever energy I have. The arm injury from my TTC fall last year has been acting up, so we’ll see. Lifting a waterbottle or mug of tea really hurts right now, so…

Anyhow, it really does feel like spring today. I know better than to trust the weather to stay this way, but it’s nice while it lasts. Blessed Imbolc to my pagan friends!

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