Alice in Wonderland Tea Swap

Alice in Wonderland ATCsFinally got my Alice swap ready! This is a swap on My three ATCs are The Mad Hatter, The Cheshire Cat, and Alice.  I’m satisfied with them for the most part. A couple of the cards absorbed a lot of water, and I wonder if that’s because of the side I painted on. Very strange. Or… curioser and curiouser… In any case, I am done and I am happy for it. The cat is my favourite, of course. You can’t tell from the scans, but there is shimmer paint on these cards, which looks really pretty in person.

Alice in Wonderland SwapThe ornament portion of the swap was fun. There’s a teacup cutout on the back with the swap info on it. The little packages are tea for my partner. (You’ll notice that I coloured one of the roses red on the packet on the left.)

Speaking of, the partners are secret, so I can’t mention any names as yet…




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