Revenge of Barbie

Barbie for JacktronOver at iATCs, Catpratt is hosting the Revenge of Barbie swap, and it was fun! I really like making little things, so the accessories were the most fun to do. You can’t see it in the photo, but all the accessories fit into a little trunk with a triple moon on it. There was also an altar cloth, that I made after the photo. The doll has a full hooded cape and a dress with a cord that has a key hanging from it. The cloak fit fine, but the dress was apparently a Monster High pattern, and I had to add a whole extra front piece’s worth to make it fit around back.

Barbie sittingThere are more things I wanted to do, but ran out of time, sadly. In any case, I like how she came out, along with her little books and treasures. She has a black cat, a perfume bottle, a ghost and bat because the receiver (Jacktron) like paranormal stuff, a bottle of tiny shells and dried flowers, candles, handmade cookies, and more. I had to use hot water to untangle her hair and give it a trim, and I touched up her makeup some. She also got a triple moon tattoo on her chest. Left is the photo taken by Jacktron when she received the doll. Here you can see the chest behind her.


Barbie from JacktronI already received my doll from Jacktron! Unfortunately, her clay antler crown smashed despite the great stuffing job in the box. Her whole face is painted beautifully, and her cloak is so simple and great. I hadn’t thought of this method before, but it might make a great idea for real life, to make a snuggle blanket or something.

The wreath fits on her head nicely. I will probably work on the staff a bit. She needs a stand for display, but the Monster High and Ever After High ones are for much skinnier dolls. Alas!

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