Alice Secret Tea Swap From CatPratt and Gifts From Phrixy

Alice swap from CatprattHome sick today, and managed to catch the mailman with my Alice package, and a package from my lovely wife as well. Feeling lucky, with lots of tea and cookies to enjoy while my throat is sore. Now I’m anxious for her to get home from work so I can open all the blind bags she sent me!

Anyhow, my Alice partner, Catpratt, sent SO MUCH tea! Holy smokes. A whole box of pomegranate-raspberry, a bag of loose raspberry vanilla green tea, and various assorted packets. I’m trying some cherry-cinnamon while I post. It smells so good… Tastes good too.

The Cheshire cat is my favourite character, so she did ATCs of the various incarnations of the famous grinning cat. The ornament, down the right side of the photo, is done with shrink plastic, and will look cool catching the light in the window. For now it is hanging by my desk. Also in the background of the photo is the witch card she sent–from an original also by Catpratt.

Phrixy PackageAs to the package from Phrixy… She sent a bunch of pumpkin flavoured treats (I LOVE pumpkin spice), hot chocolate flavoured packets, packs of ATC sleeves, a Daryl Dixon pin, super cool Ouija earrings (which I’ll have to get my ears re-pierced for), undies, the werecat twins from Monster High in MegaBlock figures. In addition to all that, she sent a thick notebook for me to write stories in, a Baymax folder, and a construction set of Michonne from The Walking Dead. I’ll have to find somewhere safe to put that! My kitties are far too interested in all this stuff. Last of all, she sent some blind bags and a TWD blind box. Fingers crossed for awesome goodies inside…

Not everything is in the photo above, but the highlights are. Already got into the pumpkin Oreos. LOL


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