June Deco Book Swap–Outbound

Gothic Hello Kitty deco bookJoined in the June deco swap, again to get some off my desk, and ended up making some more to go along. Everything is packed up to be mailed out.

First up, Gothic Hello Kitty. I made this from a rolodex card I’d started back when I was actively trading these. I chopped it up into the kitty, the spiderweb, and the kitty head, then I added stickers and printed out the fancy “Gothic” bit.  I like her better with a mouth, I think, than the usual Kitty.

Movie Monsters deco bookNext up is my Movie Monsters deco book. The images are from ATCs I made for someone who likes classic movie monsters. I laser printed them, then tea dyed the page to give it that tint. And of course sparkly gel pen on the stars because… old Hollywood. I sort of wish I’d also done Bela as Dracula, but I hadn’t done it for the actual swap and didn’t feel like it just now. So someone else will have to make a page for him, I guess. There’s a note on the back that any movie monster will qualify.

Cheshire with tea and sugarThen there’s this 4×4″ I did for a really cool Mad Tea Party deco book. It’s one that crumple-folds and expands. Totally noted the construction in my notebook, because I really need to make something like that at some point! It feels complicated in the hand, but actually is fairly simple when you draw out how it goes together. I like that.

Anyhow, obviously it’s the Cheshire Cat with his tea and sugar cubes. I did a little rim of silver puff paint on the rim of the cup, but it got smushed. Alas!

Have I mentioned that we call one of our cats the Bandersnatch? She’s mostly white and fluffy, and chubby, and just… yes. That’s not her name, though.

Artful Asia deco bookOkay, last bit: This one is a book I made for Phrixy. It’s a surprise, and will one day arrive at her parents’ place in the mail. Because why not. It’s Artful Asia, and since I painted and collaged on it, I didn’t also do a page. I have enough to do already! LOL Besides, she has lots of my art. The front is just headlines from a newspaper, so I have no idea what it says, and flowers and a postal stamp from some scrapbook paper. I painted the cherry blossom and the cherry blossom tree directly on the back and the inside cover respectively.

And that’s it for now. More colouring news very, very soon.

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