Penny Dreadful

Ethan Chandler deco page medI’ve been in love with the show, Penny Dreadful, since it began a couple years ago. I love the brilliant way they’ve combined classic horror characters with a truly cool storyline. I particularly enjoyed Vanessa’s backstory with the old witch and the creepy cottage! Anyhow, I was sent a really awesome Penny Dreadful deco book to work in. I chose to draw/paint Ethan Chandler, the American werewolf (in London!) character. I chose him mostly because I find regular human portraits difficult.

I sent this guy to TF Balding, along with my own Creeeeeepy deco and my Doctor Who deco, and one other that I’ve managed to forget in the intervening day. LOL

I’m hoping Canada Post gets it together and doesn’t strike, because that puts a serious crimp in my ATC and deco swaps. Bah! Not to mention that I’ve been expecting things in the mail. *fingers crossed*

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