Sneaky, Kawaii, and Hippy

Decos_May24_2017While Phrixy was here, we went to Tim’s to work on some deco books together. 🙂 I got 3 done, one of which is slated to return home; my second return to send off lately. I still haven’t gotten any back yet. Boo!

Anyhow, the first is the one for the book going home. The theme was sneaking and peeking. Naturally I thought of my cats playing with their toys, so this one is meant to resemble Parsa.

The unicorn is for a kawaii chibi booklet. It has gold on the horn and hooves.

Lastly is an androgynous hippy for an incense and peppermints book. You can’t really see the sparkly peace symbols in the background, but they are there.

Being able to sit with Phrixy and do art again was amazing, and we got to also work out some plot ideas for my second book in the Sacrifice series, so that was also amazing. Collaboration really brings out the best, I think. I’m going to miss her company a lot.

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