May Deco Sendout

Sexy Cruella deco pageUp all night watching reruns of Friends while I work on deco books to send out to my May partner. I had to do extra because I sent the ones I had done out to CatPratt with the one that was going home. 🙂

So first we have Cruella de Ville for a sexy villains deco. I made her bustier than her bony Disney self and took away the manic smile.

I cut her out and glued her to the scrapbook paper page in the book. Phrixy’s Kylo is in this book too. I kind of like that they’ll be traveling together. I really miss doing art with her on the regular. It’s really comfortable and enjoyable.

Forest Goddess deco pageThe Forest Goddess is for a nature goddess deco. I tried to keep her colours really natural, like no scarlet lips and such. The little antlers appeal to me, of course, and I couldn’t resist giving her elfin ears.

The rest I’m sending off was a pass on author portraits (I’m just not ready for portraits), and my own decos heading out into the world.

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