Corset and Fairy Tale Decos

I needed to do a couple decos to send out my swap package for July, so I drew them last night and painted them this morning.

The first is for a corset themed deco, and I had the urge to do a chubby mermaid. Somehow I feel like she looks a bit more like a body builder than chubby. Weird. I’ll have to work on that if I’m going to do a chubby girls colouring book.

The second is for a twisted fairy tales deco. I know the thing about the kittens losing their mittens isn’t actually a fairy tale, but whatever. I originally was going to do more of a bondage theme, but I wasn’t feeling it when it came down to drawing, so it is what it is.

Packing it up and shipping it out! The other ones in the package are a couple of mine from my making binge, and one with a blasphemy theme that wasn’t doing it for me. I just passed. Meh.

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