August Decos

So… I just sold the Ganesha travelers notebook last week, and another Samhain Zine yesterday. Which leads me to think that I really ought to get at making more of both! So I got out my paints and naturally I painted decos. Because logic.

NoCat_koi_voodooThe top image I call No. Cat, for an Emotions deco. I think that feeling No counts as an emotion. Ask a 2 year old. lol This one is watercolour with white and black Sharpie.

The koi is for a Beneath the Waves deco. I used coloured pencils mostly for that one, on purple card stock. Accented with black Sharpie.

The voodoo doll was done in a Dark themed deco. I love voodoo dolls, though I have no idea why. I just find them cute for some reason. He’s watercolour with Micron outlines.

Anyhow, these are a start on this month’s swap. I don’t have my partner yet, so I’ll have to check then if I need to switch any out and do more (if the receiver is the owner of any of these). That’s okay. I like doing decos, and they can always go out another time. 🙂

I also stuck in my envie my own decos: Werewolves, and Guillermo del Toro Monsters. OMG do I love him. There’s going to be an exhibit of del Toro monster stuff at our art gallery soon, and I HAVE to go.

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